A London Hotel At The Marble Arch

If you are a frequent visitor to the beautiful city of London you must be painfully aware of the prices one has to pay for rooms or accommodation anywhere in the city. Not only are these prices nose bleed inducing, the rooms have to be booked in advance. Not only are you charged booking fees but your room tariffs are also usually not refundable if your travel plans are fluid and they change at a moments notice as they usually have a way of doing.

Business travellers and tourists must also be painfully familiar with the experience of trying to save on a trip by booking cheaper rooms in a hotel that does not have room rates that induce instant sticker shock. More than one traveller has booked these sorts of rooms online only to get to the city of London after a long and tiring journey and realise that the journey to the hotel from the airport or the heart of the city is another arduous trek. To add insult to the injury, they also come to the unhappy realisation that this long trek will have to be repeated every single day of their stay if they have work in the city centre or want to do any tourist like activities or shop in the posh shopping districts of London.

The answer to all these problems may now be in a number of new properties and the London hotel at the Marble Arch. One of the poshest new hotels with the most classy interiors has also got an army of well trained staff that provide courteous and efficient service in the best English traditions. Not only do these new properties have absolutely fantastic locations right in the heart of the city at the Marble Arch in London, they are also a stones throw away from Chelsea and Bond Street, arguably some of the poshest and most high end fashion districts to be found in any city of the world with the highest concentration of high end boutiques and designer stores.

If you are a tourist not only does the London Hotel at the Marble Arch have special packages tailored to fit your needs, its great location also makes most if not all of the famous tourist attractions of London easily accessible either by foot or by the London Underground service. So check out their great rates and deals online today.

The best Android games

The smart phones have come a long way since the first release and the Android OS has taken it to the next level with great features, flexibility and app support. The best part about this OS that you can install millions of games and apps in it. This has made the Android based smart phones a great medium of gaming for people. There are many Android games that have already own million of hearts. Some of these games are even free and easily available in the Android Marketplace. There are all kinds of games starting from strategy, action, fun to sports. Let me tell you about few of the bests among them.


There is no doubt that the most liked and played game of this year is the angry birds. This is a fun game that has been played online by millions of people and the reason is nothing but the excitement in simplicity of this game.

There are many other games of this kind but this is something special. it has a very sweet looking graphical presentation with 120 levels to play. The game is free to download in Android and you won’t regret downloading it even for a minute. Another great free Android based game is the glow hockey. It’s the new generation air hockey that is exiting because it’s easy to play but you need to develop skills to master the game. The game has a physics mechanism that is realistic and the colorful presentation makes it even more exiting.


Do you like beer pong? If you do then the beer pong game for Android is one of the best Android games 2011 available for you to download.

You have option for playing with yourself and also with other people online. With great 3D presentation and great music, this game will make you keep playing till you are completely drunk in it. The multi player version is surely the best thing about this game. There is another game called Haypi kingdom which is a multi player roll playing game for Android OS. You need to apply strategies to build your own kingdom with the power to fight for protecting your kingdom while taking over others. You swill find a great tutorial for learning the game before playing. The multiplayer mode will help you to find many players to play with in real time game play.


Among the other best Android games, guns ‘n’ glory is surely the one to have in your smart phone. This is a defense tactics based game where you have to defend a territory from some trespassers. You have a tower and a team of defenders to do that. It comes with lovable graphics and dragging ability that makes this game really addictive. The battle for mars is another great game for Android OS that you must try. The game is based on strategic war with great storyline and graphics. You have the option to choose a race you want to control and then play with it.


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Convertible Sofa, Sleeper Sofa, Sofa Beds

Revamp the look of your living room with a stylish convertible sofa! It is a great idea because you get sofa beds in amazing styles, models, and colors. Based on your room dcor and size, you can find one for your home now. Do not forget to keep the shape and color in mind as they speak volumes about the home decor.

A convertible sofa can be a beautiful add-on to your living room or den. The Copper Convertible Chair from Lifestyle Solutions is a great pick. The arch shape of the back resting part and tilted arm rests under the horizontal support express excellent creativity! You can sit, recline, as well as lie down on this sleeper sofa.

For a more modern look, go for the Cuba Chair from Lifestyle Solutions! This sleeper sofa is soft and comfy, and has a luxurious look. This simple yet stylish-looking sofa can change the rooms appearance. You can be best assured it would be a great addition to your living room.

Convert the sofa into a cozy double bed! The Flex Metal Convertible Sleeper Sofa from Living Room Furniture can give you this option. This is a fully-packed comfortable sofa is designed with creativity and innovation. This sofa bed also comes with two moveable rectangular pillows. This single futon sofa is from one of the best manufacturers – Homelegance.

If at all you want to view some more models of sofa beds, visit mysertamattress.com. You will find a stupendous collection of elegant yet cheap sofa beds. Serene Sleeper Sofa, FuiTV Standale Sleeper Sofa, and Montreal Casual Convertible Sofa are some of the other models available in this online store.

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